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To make sure you'll enjoy your Balbi as much and as long as possible we have listed some tips and advice.

Stainless steel or Titanium?

Both metals are high-grade, high-quality and suitable for direct contact with the human body. Due to the strong anti-corrosive properties of both metals they won't rust or discolor when in contact with bodily fluids, water or lubes.

But the most interesting detail in the differences between stainless steel and titanium is that titanium is almost half the weight of stainless steel and it's structurally much stronger! Hence, the popularity of titanium in the space and aviation industry.

Sensibility and allergies

In case you are sensible to antigens and/or quickly show signs of allergies, we recommend you to choose your Balbi being made from titanium. The inert properties of titanium are the reason why titanium is the first choice of material in surgeries. Also, European law now dictates that objects that are in long term contact with the human body (ie. piercings) are made from titanium.

In such case the choise of lubricant is also critical. Always choose a lubricant that meets your needs and doesn't cause any allergic symptoms. But whatever kind of lubricant you choose, your Balbi will not be affected by it.


Whatever kind of lubricant you prefer to use, your balbi will not be affected by it!


It comes without further explanation that it's a good habit to clean your toys after having used them. All metal toys from can be cleaned with hot water and soap. They are 100% rust-resistant, so don't worry about it.

We tested our products (especially the butt plugs with the jewel) in temperatures up to 120 degrees Celcius (steam). You could just as well put your Balbi in the dish washer! But if that's a tastefull idea...??

Never ever use abrasives for cleaning your Balbi. Scourers or other abrasive pads/products might cause scratches in the surface of your Balbi in which germs could reside.

Never ever use tools like pliers, clamps, vises or other tools that can damage the surface of your Balbi resulting in deep scratches or even burrs. Burrs on your Balbi can cause nasty flesh wounds!

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